The latest internet sensation is not another winking girl or chocolate boy. It is a 48-year-old retired Indian cricketer, Rahul Dravid, a charming person who is famous for his patience. But it is not his patience that people are talking about now. They are raving over his brand new avatar.

The new Cred Ad

Rahul Dravid is donning a new avatar as a short-tempered, frustrated Bangalorean stuck in its infamous traffic lanes. He is losing his cool, yelling at everyone around, and throwing tantrums that includes breaking the side-view mirror. Everyone knows Jammy, as Dravid is fondly referred to, as a calm person who…

Ad campaigns often are wannabe, purpose washing and sometimes just fluff.

International Women’s day (IWD) advertisement campaigns always have a whimsical charm around them. Every corporate wants to sound inclusive. They try to make a mark among the noise present around International Women’s Day celebrations. It takes intense detailing and creativity that can get people clicking on them.

The campaigns could have easily called out on internalized misogyny, racism, or gender discrimination. However, few ad campaigns achieved their intent of high engagement, impact, and sometimes the corporate’s success.

A corporate is not an NGO. It exists to sell. I am not looking at the campaigns which are given out in public…

It has been exactly one year since I stepped into the Corporate World. Sounds weird right? I mean we celebrate one year anniversaries of only all things happy, but my good colleague and LinkedIn made it a point to get the old memories back. I thought of giving out my two cents.

Disclaimer: This is not an instructive manual. It is merely a text for myself which I would want to revisit whenever I am low. It is an experience I want to share. Read all “you’s” as “I’s”. And all pronouns can be substituted to suit the author herself.

What happens when you enter the Corporate World?

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For some of us, the prospect of the final year of engineering looms. For others, it’s already upon us. The only thought that stands out in our confused mind is — what are we going to do? For a living? For life? Combine the two, if we can? I was also in that spot a year ago, trying to find my way- but I did not have a path chosen beforehand. I decided on pursuing research after interning at IIT Madras, but how to go about it was still foggy. …

Caged is a Tamil short film streaming on Hotstar that shadows the life of a refugee from India’s neighbor, Sri Lanka.

Image : Caged Poster

A Little History

Amidst a huge list of countries where its citizens consider leaving it as their highest achievement, there exists a country whose citizens want to live in its land, cherish it with love and enjoy its prosperity. Sri Lanka is a country that was torn apart due to its Civil War, which lasted nearly 50 years. They were caged in their own country.

All the factions of the Sri Lankan community faced immense losses. Families were torn apart, kids were…

This month we revolve around the very thing that makes us revolve around -Food. How we miss fine dining! But readers, mask up, stay safe!

CNA Insider’s Slumfood Millionaire Mumbai paints the real-life story about underdogs shooting for the stars and winning the hearts of the common man.

Read up through the six sections to dive into the realms of road side food.

The Prelude

You buzz in at 8:00 A.M in the morning, sloppily lifting yourself from your messy bed, waddling towards the door, trying to pour some coffee. You glance at the wall clock to see you still have…

How far can we go for victory? Is the destination alone called victory? Or the journey is equally creditable?

Success is best served delayed, to be devoured slowly relishing every pint traded for our blood, tears, and determination to reach our overarching destination.

In our second featurette about exploring emotions, we move through the subtleties of successes as shown in cinema. If you have not checked our first featurette on love yet for this month, what are you waiting for? Go on, click here!

We will be traveling through three widely different movies on how they conceptualize success, visualize it…

Do weakening businesses copy the strategies of thriving businesses?
Is it a good idea to ape your biggest competitor?
Or is copying the strategy to go by when you have no more strings to pull?

Welcome back to the second part of the article, a continuation of “Why I think Intel is restarting its foundry business”. After publishing the article, I came across a few intense discussions with a few well-versed people in the industry. The outcome of their encouragement and discussions is the reason for this article.
We delve into-

  1. Intel’s “Copy Exactly”
  2. Samsung’s foundry model
  3. Samsung’s numbers and…

Shocker! Intel restarts the foundry business.

Intel said it was going to shut down its custom foundry business last year. The news came after disastrous earnings posted by Intel last financial year. It led to many critiques and in some cases, few insiders who felt that Intel should no longer be in the foundry business. Hence it was surprising when the new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, announced Intel would not be giving up this side of its business.

New CEO of Intel — Pat Gelsinger
Image Credits: Getty Images

Not just that, it would be going knee-deep into the foundry business with a few tweaks. Intel plans to establish a couple more foundries in Arizona, where TSMC…

Hey Beginner! Welcome to the first part of the Beginner Friendly Guide to the Arduino. Before you venture on, I must warn you, the Arduino is a world in itself. It contains a plethora of resources online. Most of the resources I feel are misleading and do not focus on the issue at hand — what the beginner actually needs. This article will give you just that and not more than what you can chew.

DISCLAIMER: The following text contains only what is required by a beginner and does not cater to the intricate technicalities of the microcontroller itself. …

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