This Indian FinTech ad’s breaking the Internet! Here’s why!

The CRED app ad is refreshing twist to celebrity marketing and viral branding.

The latest internet sensation is not another winking girl or chocolate boy. It is a 48-year-old retired Indian cricketer, Rahul Dravid, a charming person who is famous for his patience. But it is not his patience that people are talking about now. They are raving over his brand new avatar.

The new Cred Ad
Source: YouTube, Cred’s channel

Here are my takes on why the Ad worked!

Here are some numbers for you -

All these points just oppose the basic meters of celebrity brand advertisement.
This ad has crossed 2 million views on YouTube where Cred has just over 56K subscribers. The virality of the ad can be majorly attributed to the Twitteratis. Cred has not explicitly shared the ad on its Twitter account. Instead, it chose to requote a famous international Indian cricketer’s tweet, with a “never meet your heroes”. The famous personality has 41 million followers which are more than three times Cred’s followers. The platform for launch played its part perfectly. The person’s tweet was retweeted around 23K retweets and approximately 6.3K quoted tweets.

  1. Brands should try to convert the ad’s views into the stickiness of customers. This will eventually make them stay with your product longer.
  2. Don’t shout your product’s purpose. Just tell it out clearly and concisely. Never use fancy words to explain the same.
  3. Timing of the ad release is important.
  4. If the ad is not giving the returns anticipated, better turn to some other strategy like personalized marketing.
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